Marketing is basically a continuous process practiced by companies to increase their sales and revenue in a definite period of time. Marketing is not mere selling rather it is a gigantic process of promoting and selling of the business products and services which include research and advertising. There are various means of marketing, one of such is “Facebook marketing”, which is one of the perfect means of marketing as per branding outlook.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Meaning: Facebook Marketing is the process of creating and effectually using a Facebook page as a means of a communication channel to seamlessly contact and attract customers. Facebook provides a real base for this, as it allows users to create their individual profiles or business pages for companies, organizations etc. to promote their products and services benignly.

Market base of Facebook Marketing: Statistics & Facets

An ever-growing popularity and need for Facebook is well known to us. Presently, three in five people use Facebook to accomplish their personal as well as business tasks. According to Statista report, Facebook exclusively booms social network worldwide. It had more than 1.94 billion global monthly active users, including over close to 1.74 billion mobile monthly active users in the first quarter of 2017. It thoroughly unfolds an extravagant growth and fame of Facebook across the globe. Currently, many Digital marketing companies are rendering Facebook Marketing services to promote their clients.

Facebook marketing usually has diverse benefits to your business. Some of them are stated below:

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

•Wider Target Customer Reach
•Multiple Marketing Platforms
•Budget – Friendly Ads
•Specific Marketing Targeting
•B2B Relationship

We all want an extra dose of profit from our businesses, as for this we perform various practices on a regular basis. Facebook Marketing is one of such practice, which we use to perform to get better and instant results in a definite period of time. But, bountiful hurdles stand in the way. Some are finding a way to get more Facebook visibility on their post reach, and others already know what they actually have to implement but they have a lack of resources and manpower for the execution. No problem, fortunately, we have enlisted some of the best Facebook marketing tools below to make your Facebook marketing campaign completely zestful and hassle free.

best fb tools

Top Facebook Marketing tools for business

Flow: This is a Facebook marketing tool which is designed to sync with your existing CRM or e-commerce platform and expert customer data so that you can target your existing customer base perfectly. It is an audience targeting tool, by this, you can point out your existing customers and mailing list and find out new people who share identical characteristics with your present customers and introduce better and instant lead generation options.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a tool which mainly used by many companies to track their website traffic. Are you thinking about the usage of this tool in running a Facebook marketing campaign? If yes, then let me tell you that this is a miraculous tool which let you know about the necessary links which bought Facebook users to your site and all the activities performed by the users after reaching your site. It is an inimitable tool which brings your true ROI and determines your website layout accurately.

EdgeRank Checker: With this tool, you can get a complete overview and analysis of your Facebook page with some really neat charts and graphs for free of cost, and for advanced features such as recommendations and key metrics you can go for paid options.

Agora Pulse: Most of us do social media sharing to increase the goodwill and credibility level among the users. Agora Pulse offers you a chance to tie your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter accounts into one centralized location so that you can schedule and publish a post, monitor social activity on a regular basis.

DrumUp: Basically, this is a tool for both content marketing and social media that magically helps you to find the most appropriate and effective content topics that entertain your audience to the utmost level that results in gaining more appreciation. It is the content researcher and recommendation tool which also gives you insights into your social media strategy.

Likealyzer: Creating a Facebook account is not enough for generating instant leads, you also need to analyze reach and effectiveness of your Facebook page for getting desired results. This tool will inform you about the problem of your layout so that you can quickly resolve it.

Social Bakers: An astounding social analytics tool that works with many social media apps. It generally fetches competitive research, audience insights, KPI’s and other important social data in customized reports so that you can fulfill your pre-determined objectives in a minimum period of time.

Shortstack: Facebook is a great medium of running an ad campaign or contest to advertise your products and services in the easiest manner. ShortStack is a tool which helps you to create the campaigns which you need to do.

FanPage Karma: It is a Facebook analytics tool, which shows an accurate overview and score of your page. You can get details if you want to analyze your Facebook page. This tool also lets you unlock an entire report at once, and the full details of the report, page content, timing, influencers, fan engagement, benchmarking and much more.

Canva: Want to create a Custom image? Awesome! Canva is a tool that will surely help you out. It offers various templates for Facebook page covers, posts, and app covers. This tool also provides ideas regarding designs so that you can create images of your own choice efficiently and effectively.


Hopefully, you would like the selective tools that we have listed above in our blog post. If you are pondering on an idea of running a Facebook campaign then these tools definitely help you out to get the propitious and fruitful outcome for your business.

Mridul Kabra

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