Nivea case study on mother’s day special

NIVEA is the world’s most recognized skin care brand. It is a trusted brand with Care, Trust, Love and Belonging as core brand values

Every mother wants the best for her child. But not all of them have the means for it. NIVEA Mom’s Touch is a social initiative to help such mothers. Indian mom’s who struggle with adversity every single day. Mom’s who face impossible odds. But stop at nothing to secure their child’s future.
Nivea’s Mom’s Touch campaign talked about some extraordinary, selfless stories of mother from all over the country. This was the social media driven campaign where the videos where shared over the social network.


Several families in urban India lack resources or means to educate their children. These children are at the risk of becoming victims of child labor, crime, etc. that will impact their future lives. The few who get a chance to go to school, abandon their studies mid-way to lend a feeding hand to their families.


Despite dire struggles like meager or no income and large families to feed, there are mothers who harbor big dreams for their children. These mothers go through extreme personal sacrifices just to send their children to school so that their dreams can see the light of the day. They exemplify love, care and sacrifice even in the most difficult conditions.


To recognize and reward the sacrifices of moms who create a positive impact on their children’s education, To create positive impact on children’s attendance levels in school and mothers’ involvement in helping their kids, To get the public to understand and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of underprivileged mothers


To meet the goals, NIVEA India launched a recognition programme, ‘Mom’s Touch’, in affiliation with its NGO partner, ASEEMA. Discussion with the mothers of kids in Aseema schools revealed that while the mothers were really grateful for any kind of help they could get, their faces truly lit up when their kids had something nice to say about their efforts. It was observed that their sacrifices often went unnoticed and it was rare that they were appreciated.


“The real strength for mothers to keep going on and keep sacrificing is not something materialistic, but a simple word of gratitude and appreciation from their kids for all the sacrifices they go through.”

The idea was brought alive through a Mom’s Touch Recognition Programme:

Students with 100% attendance in Aseema schools were selected for the event and their mothers were felicitated. The program was extended to all the 3 schools of Aseema and to Ahmadabad in association with Saath Charitable Trust. 400 mothers of children in Aseema schools and 90 mothers from Ahmadabad were felicitated.

NIVEA supported the mothers’ endeavor to send their children to school by providing monthly groceries so that the children would not be forced to drop out to earn for the family.

Motivate: Spread the ‘Mom’s Touch’ Video on digital medium as a means to reach out to and inspire many more mothers.

Real inspiring stories of sacrifices were called for from the underprivileged children of Aseema schools (they wrote their stories in English and showcased that they are as competent and proficient as other kids). These were then recorded (in Hindi) and developed into a digital video to let the mothers know how much their children valued their sacrifices and how special they are.


  • 25 % increase in the attendance of students after just one month of program launch
  • 35% increase in parents’ involvement in PTA meetings other workshops
  • Overall improvement in the academic performance of the students
  • Improved confidence among moms


  • Nearly 1 million views across various digital platforms
  • 9,359 conversations on Twitter
  • AV was featured on various renowned websites such as,,, Dainik Bhaskar
  • The video was also appreciated on popular social pages such as Scoopwhoop, popxodaily, idiva, buzzfeed and many more
  • NIVEA’s CSR campaign was featured among the best CSR campaigns on social media and was also among the ‘Top 16 best digital marketing campaigns for Q3 2015′
  • Got a lot of earned media on popular websites including Campaign India page and Adage site
  • Improved Word Cloud for NIVEA India
  • Generated maximum mentions for NIVEA India


Mom’s Touch successfully reinforced ‘CARE’ as the core value of NIVEA. The campaign went viral with over a million views and thousands of conversations on digital media.

The campaign garnered a lot of positive response from consumers as well as media; the brand became a torch bearer of positivity and empathy.

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