Condom brand Durex has released a digital film titled ‘Do The Rex’, that has begun catching people’s fancy on social media. The film is a bold, rap sequence featuring Sex symbol Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer signature dance move called ‘The Rex’, which, we learn, is a physical expression of the joy and ecstasy one experiences after having a wonderful sexual experience.

According to the brand, the digital marketing campaign emerged from the insight that today, youngsters in India, not only enjoy sex, but also celebrate it. Therefore, the brand decided to keep the ‘post-sex feel good factor’ at the heart of this campaign. The message is: Great sex ‘moves’ you.

Nitish Kapoor, GM, Reckitt Benckiser, says, “Our campaign emerges from the insight that true love and great sex, together, create a spectacular experience that deserves to be celebrated by everyone, every day. The purpose behind creating this dance move was to give people a way to physically express their joy after having great sex.”

In India, for reasons as varied as social stigma, religious taboos and mere ignorance, condoms haven’t been talked about as much they should have.

The Idea “Great SEX”

Digitas Lbi. created a dance video with Ranveer Singh that celebrated great sex, and the code name is #DoTheRex

According to Agency “our interactive microsite, which captured and recorded their own dance moves using a motion sensing game. By partnering with major fashion, film and student bloggers, we reached over six million users at the start of the campaign. As word spread, our Twitter competition soon saw our audience enthusiastically sharing videos, gifs, images and artwork of their own dance renditions.”

The song and the dance really catch your eye. The tagline of Do the rex is a really creative way to remember the brand Durex. The ad is not too vulgar as compared to the Manforce condom ad by Sunny leone. You can watch it in a living room as compared to the manforce ad. Peppy music is definitely going to catch on, and the brand recall should be high for the ad when people want to #DoTheRex.

Digital Media

Evidently targeted at the country’s youth, the two minute and five second long video has First launched on the company’s page, the video was subsequently released on the brand’s YouTube channel.

#DoTheRex reaching over 20 million people as it trended on both Facebook and Twitter and dedicated microsite received over one million hits in the first five days of launch, with 62% of visitors staying to get comfy with Ranveer. Media investment included the promotion of Durex’s Facebook posts, partnerships with MTV and VH1 to promote the video on their own social channels, and banners on YouTube and the Indian Premier League site.

As a result, more than 120 positive articles by top bloggers and online publishers were written, and a huge number of fans shared the video on social channels. Many of India’s most powerful social influencers soon started to #DoTheRex too. In all, we notched up 30 million impressions via social press and blogs, and created over $350k USD in earned media value.

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