It’s an amazing case study for Indian real estate market. How realty firm Tata Housing has sold 250 flats, worth over Rs 100 crore, in its housing project at Goa, last year. Tata Housing ties up with Facebook to sell leisure homes in Goa, The company is developing 600 apartments in this 5-acre project, which was launched on Facebook. The prices are in the range of Rs 30-70 lakh.

Tata Housing and Facebook have come together last year for the launch of ‘India’s 1st Facebook-only home launch’.  Codename: Goa Paradise, a residential project covering 4.82 acres situated Dabolim, South Goa.
TATA wanted to be the first property developer in India to sell homes entirely on Facebook, without any print or TV ads.
They simplify home buying experience in the digital world, Prospect buyers need to register themselves on Facebook to receive a unique invite code that can be used at the time of booking. Login with Facebook to receive an invite code.
“Over 132 million monthly active people in India and people across the world on Facebook can participate and get an opportunity to book a dream home in Goa. This initiative will provide inspiration to other brands to drive awareness, generate leads and deliver sales on Facebook,” said Kirthiga Reddy, MD, Facebook India.

TATA Housing has been creating buzz on social media right from the time of the announcement. Start’s with a live webcast of the press conference, Tata Housing started building conversations around the hashtag #1stFBHomeLaunch. The social media pages of the brand then continued the engagement with a series of contests related to Goa.

The hashtag changed to #LeaveYourBagsBehind with contests on desired places and memories of Goa.
Tata Housing setting up a 4-day booking window allowing the potential buyers to buy a home during it. After which an assortment of ads was used for driving interest before and during the booking window.

The team made use of video ads for presenting the viewers with a taste of life in beautiful Goa in a 30-second tour, since the beginning of the campaign counting down to booking day. Video ads were also used by the housing developer to share animated GIFs of Goa scenes as well as link ads that directed the people to the property page along with the carousel ads for displaying Goa’s most striking scenery in a single ad. Tata Housing was not only able to connect & engage but generated massive interest among its audience by allowing them picture themselves living in its new Goa development.

A Very aggressive targeted campaign that ran from August 14–October 10, 2015:
14,000 leads from Facebook
30% lower cost per lead than previous campaigns
10 times return on ad spend
60% lower cost per sale than previous campaigns

I hope this case study will help every business owner to understand the power of digital marketing and its usage.

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